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Semi Permanent Makeup

What is Semi Permanent Makeup?

Semi-permanent makeup, or permanent makeup as it’s also known , is a revolutionary beauty treatment used to define eyebrows, eyes and lips. It will give you a subtle natural finish,creating a long lasting look to enhance your natural beauty.

Imagine the luxury of always waking up to beautifully shaped lips, defined eyes and perfect eyebrows. Whatever your lifestyle , whether for beauty or medical reasons permanent make up the solution to looking good and feeling great.

Our semi permanent makeup services include a consultation, new treatment and top up, upper eyeliner, lower eyeliner, eyebrows, lip line and blush, full lipstick (colour), beauty spots and semi permanent lip stick.

Try semi-permanent makeup to enhance your natural beauty

Semi-permanent makeup is also commonly known as micro-pigmentation. For those who would love to makeup, then micro-pigmentation would be the ideal solution for you. A semi-permanent makeup is a temporary cosmetic tattoo that gives you a longer-lasting eye-liner, lip colour and the ability to contour and shape your eyebrows easily.

The process involves placement of tiny pigment particles, underneath the skin surface. The pigment placed under the skin will stay for a good number of years and wear off gradually as it fades with time. However, the durability of the semi-permanent make-up will very much depend on your skin type as well as your age.

Who is the ideal candidate?

Ideally, anyone who is pretty much into makeup should find it valuable and convenient to use semi-permanent makeup. If your lips lack colour and shape, you can use semi-permanent makeup to restore them to fullness without having to use dermal fillers. If you always have to use pencil for your eyebrows, you can enhance the shape and fill the gaps where they are over-plucked using this makeup. While some people find the need to use other typical makeups, a semi-permanent makeup is ideal for those who would like to avoid under-eye smudging.

What should I remember to do during the healing process?

  • Always avoid unnecessary touching, scratching or picking of the treated area.
  • Always wash and dry your hands before and after handling the treated area.
  • If possible always shower rather than bath while your treated area is still healing and avoid lengthy soaking of the face.
  • Do not use any type of skin products, creams or washes on the area whilst it is still healing. Avoid any petroleum based creams as this could affect the colour of the pigment. The only creams used should be the ones recommended or given to you by your practitioner.
  • Healing cream should be applied gently 2-3 times a day. This is to prevent drying out and cracking of the skin.
  • Swimming, sunbeds and and sun bathing should be avoided until the area is fully healed. This should take no longer than two weeks.
  • After approximately two weeks all dryness should have gone and should be replaced with fresh skin. The healing process normally takes between 10-14 days.
  • After effects, if any, should be minimal. If slight swelling occurs this will subside quickly.

Essential Information

Once you have had you procedure you may notice the colour is a lot darker than expected but please don’t panic. The area will seem darker, both initially and during the healing process, but once the area has fully healed it will appear up to two shades lighter. Under no circumstances should a second procedure be performed until a minimum of 4 weeks after the first appointment.

General Post Procedure Information

In order to keep your semi permanent make-up in tip-top condition it may be necessary to have a maintenance procedure about every 12 to 18 months, though this will vary for each individual. To avoid your semi permanent make up fading try to avoid excessive exposure to the sun or UV rays, you can do this by wearing a good sun cream or moisturiser with a minimum of SPF15.

If you are planning an MRI scan, chemical peel or any other similar procedures, please inform your practitioner that you have had semi permanent make-up. You will not be able to give blood for a minimum of six month’s after having the procedure. If you are planning injections such as Botox and Collagen then please consider the affect’s of this as it can change the shape of your lips and eyebrows. Laser hair removal can fade and change the shade of your lips or brow’s, always advise the laser technician you are wearing permanent cosmetics and they can act accordingly.

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