Eye Treatments



Eyelashes aftercare is given to make your eyelashes last the maximum time.
  • Weekend Party Lashes
    These last up to three days
  • Hollywood eyelashes (Classic)
    These are semi permanent eyelashes with a natural classic look, these last up to 2/3 weeks then will need in filling
  • Russian Eyelashes (High Volume)
    These are semi permanent eyelashes with a volume and much thicker look
  • Hybrid Eyelashes
    Thicker, fuller volume lashes with slightly more curl
  • Eyelash Infill (30 mins)
    This is slight infill if needed after a week for fuller volume
  • Eyelash Infill (60 mins)
    More in depth infill for after 2/3 weeks
  • removal and new set applied

All aftercare will be given when your eyelashes are applied, to ensure care is taken to make the most of your beautiful new eyelashes, please follow advice to make your eyelashes, last the length of time stated, our eyelashes are made from natural silk so the do not need mascara adding, or this will make the natural eyelash to heavy and fall.

It is advisable after three eyelash infills to have your lashes removed and then re-applied, so that the natural eyelashes can be cleansed thoroughly, so no damage is done to your natural eyelashes.

  • Special Occasion Makeup
    Full face including strip eyelashes

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