What exactly is an oxygen facial?

Let’s be honest, glowing skin isn’t some form of miracle that happens overnight. In fact, it requires a lot of care and commitment to get your skin this way and maintain its radiance. One thing people try is layers and layers of makeup but this can’t give you the feeling that you have when your skin is naturally beautiful, and the oxygen facial is something that can help you have skin like that! So the big question is, what is an oxygen facial and how does it work?

Well firstly, physicians use oxygen facials thanks to the restorative and regenerative powers of oxygen and for decades it has been used as a method of treatment for burns and wounds that wouldn’t heal correctly otherwise. These regenerative functions of oxygen have inspired skincare experts all over the world to start to incorporate oxygen in both body and facial treatment, which in turn led to the oxygen facial.

An oxygen facial is a treatment that is specifically designed to nourish all the layers of your skin and promote the growth of collagen from within. The treatment is performed by using a specialised machine designed to spray incredibly highly concentrated amounts of oxygen into the epidermis, otherwise known as the outer layer of the skin. This oxygen is mixed and infused with a variety of different vitamins, minerals, extracts and nutrients that are all chosen thanks to their rejuvenative properties, with huge celebrities such as Madonna making an oxygen facial their treatment of choice for smoother and plumper looking skin. Results are visible immediately and your skin is left looking and feeling hydrated, along with a boosted level of firmness and elasticity which contribute to the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Your skin is the protective barrier that separates you and the outside world and on a daily basis is battered and beaten with the effects of pollution and the weather. Thanks to the Industrial revolution hundreds of years ago and ongoing deforestation around the world, the planets oxygen levels have dropped from around 35% to as little as around 17% in some cities which is incredibly low. Due to this deprivation from oxygen, damage can occur to your skin which over time can accumulate and result in stressed, tired and ageing skin.

Keeping this all in consideration, it makes sense that an oxygen facial would provide your skin with a huge benefit and doing so can eliminate ageing skin from your life, replacing it with younger looking radiant skin!